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How to make your resume stand out

How to make your resume stand out

When applying for jobs, you will generally need two things: A resume & a cover letter. In today’s competitive job market, both are essential to get ahead, and stand out from the crowd. But why exactly is a resume so important when it comes to submitting a job application?


What is a resume?

A resume is a formal document that provides a prospective employer with a summary of your work experience, professional qualifications, education & personal accomplishments. A resume efficiently and effectively communicates to a future employer who you are, and what skills you hold that would make you perfect for the role.Think of a resume as an advertisement that displays the benefit you hold to a company.


Reasons to provide a solid and detailed resume:

A resume gets you an interview- This one is pretty self explanatory. When an employer reads through your resume, they are wanting to choose the best equipped and experienced candidates to move onto the interview stage. Having a thorough resume that successfully describes the above details assists you in standing out from other candidates. It is ultimately the interview that gets you the job! Therefore, starting off strong with a great resume is the first step to victory.

A resume prepares you for an interview- Similar to the point above, a resume is key to mentally preparing yourself for the interview stage. Once writing, reviewing & revising your resume, you will be ready to face your potential future employer & go through your resume in further detail. Having conceptualised the contents of your resume allows you to provide a deeper explanation.


Looking to bulk up your resume?

MSA Training & Professional Development hold a number of suitable & useful short courses to assist you in adding more formal skills and certificates to your resume. Our Auslan, CPR, and First Aid courses are fitting and incredibly helpful no matter what job, or field of work you are looking to enter.

Monash University Students who are MSA Volunteers are able to sign up to volunteer for MSA Training to gain extra skills and knowledge in the administration, education and marketing sector. Both work from home & in person on campus opportunities are available. Those who are eligible may contact our office at msa-monashtraining@monash.edu or (03) 9905 3180.


Additional websites to assist with resume writing: