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Qualities of a good manager

Qualities of a good manager

Qualities of a good manager

Being a good manager is essential to the operation and functioning of any business. Good management assists in raising team morale, producing sales and hitting other targets. When put in a leadership position, it’s essential to embrace qualities that enable you to be the best manager you could possibly be.

What are good leadership qualities:

Each role as a manager or leader will have different key responsibilities and values. However, the way you act, and treat your staff, will hold a big influence over your team and the company as a whole. A few main characteristics a good manager should always have are:

  • Organisation & time management
  • Being encouraging and supportive to staff
  • Motivational and inspirational
  • Strong & effective communication
  • Being able to define goals and KPIs

Being a good manager can include a variety of components, as well as do’s and don’ts, including:

  • Finding the balance between creating professional, yet personal relationships in the workplace.
  • Demonstrating empathy and taking the time to get to know each individual staff member is a vital responsibility of a manager.
  • Avoiding favouritism, while still paying attention to the successes of each member of staff is just as important as the success of the business or company itself.
  • Being a team player, who is equally focused on the goals and objectives of the company creates a very healthy workplace environment.
  • Bringing out the best in your employees and encouraging them

There is also a more difficult side to being a good leader and manager.

There are times when you will need to have difficult conversations with people. Being able to respectfully and confidently lead these conversations, is an incredibly valuable skill to hold. You can do this by developing your emotional intelligence and learning body language and cues that others may not notice.

There are other skills you may not know are needed and they can seem as though they may be more suitable for a Human Resources Representative. However, a good manager will need to have a thorough understanding of these areas such as recruitment and onboarding – being able identify suitable candidates will help increase the overall performance of the company.

Implementing processes around diversity and dealing with complaints – Promoting the diversity within your workplace can allow the opportunity for new skills, ideas, and can create a positive work culture. It can reduce staff turnover when you have a positive and diverse work culture. There has also been research to prove that a more diverse workplace can create better performance amongst staff.

How to gain leadership skills:

MSA Training and Professional Development offer a variety of leadership qualifications, such as a BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management or the BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management. These qualifications will compliment your current manager role, or assist you in getting that promotion you’ve always dreamed of.

MSA Training and Professional Development also provides a number of business short courses, such as Effective Communication in Virtual Environments.