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The Benefits of Working in Childcare

The Benefits of Working in Childcare

Have you ever considered a career in the childcare industry?
Childcare is the perfect work for anyone who loves nurturing children’s welfare while assisting with their development. It is also an incredibly diverse industry, allowing those with qualifications to work in a wide variety of roles and ensure they find work well-suited to them. Roles can include working as an early childhood educator, a playgroup supervisor and out of hours school care educator or assistant.

Enjoyable Work
Regardless of what childcare field you work in one thing is guaranteed, no two days will ever be the same. Working with children means you will always be tackling new challenges by engaging with the children in your care and helping them learn. Childcare workers often have to perform a variety of tasks, including planning activities, supervising play, and facilitating learning tasks. In just one day of work, you will read books, sing songs and play games.
Many people who work in the industry report that the most rewarding aspect of their job is forging meaningful relationships with children while helping them grow. Childcare workers not only teach children skills like reading, they also demonstrate to them how to interact with others in a kind and meaningful way. While every job will have days that are harder than others, in childcare you can go home always knowing you’ve had a positive impact on the children in your care.

A Growing Industry
The childcare industry has been growing in Australia for more than two decades. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of children enrolled only in formal childcare rose from 9 per cent in 1996 to 19 per cent in 2017.

ABS figures demonstrate the growth in formal childcare. GRAPH: Pat Callanan

Before COVID-19, jobs in childcare were expected to rise by almost 20 per cent by 2024. While job growth has been negatively affected in many industries as a result of COVID-19, childcare remains strong. The Australian Government predicts that childcare job growth will remain “very strong” over the next five years, the highest rating awarded to a sector’s predicted job growth. As childcare continues to grow in Australia it is proving to be an essential industry which many people rely on, meaning the jobs it provides are secure and stable.

How to Enter the Industry
The minimum qualification required to work in childcare is the CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. Students in the course learn how to implement an approved learning framework and support children’s wellbeing, learning and development. The completion of this course allows you work in areas including early childhood education, family day care, outside school hours care and nannying.
The CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care is a more extensive course that provides you with the skills to design and implement curriculum in early childhood education and care services. The course is ideal for anyone seeking leadership roles in childcare such as a coordinator or manger role. The Diploma also includes work placement in a licensed and registered early childhood service, providing you with essential on the ground skills and experience.