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Why Learn How to Code?

Why Learn How to Code?

Why Learn How To Code?

There is no doubt that technology has paved its way everywhere in today’s modern world, and will continue to at an astounding rate. As technology progresses, coding plays a significant role in shaping the future. We find coding to be a sought-after skill in various industries; from industries in artificial intelligence, banking to even healthcare. While increasing the chances of career prospects, coding has many benefits that can positively spill over to other areas of life.


Gain Confidence Using Technology

Understanding technology has been important for many years. However, according to Seek, this is much more so since the pandemic. During the pandemic, many firms had to implement new technologies, which led to a dramatic increase in the demand for digitally literate professionals.

Learning how to code can help you understand other aspects of technology that is essential in the job market today, such as collaboration platforms and organising virtual events. In addition, learning how to code provides skills in math and technology that can apply to multiple industries in the job market.


More Job Roles Today Require Coding

According to Upskilled, the number of jobs that did not involve elements of coding is now shrinking. In fact, it was found that 67% of jobs involving coding are in industries outside of technology. These jobs that previously relied only on traditional skills require coding skills today. Some job roles that now require coding expertise are graphic designers, medical researchers, business analysts, environmental scientists and more.

For graphic designers, crafting the design elements for a website is not sufficient enough today. Digital tools such as Javascript and HTML5 are now required for creating web development.

For business analysts, manual analysis of data trends by pen and paper is not needed in the modern world. It is the ability to utilise computer programming to understand data and solve problems that will determine success. Data analysts today require coding skills such as SQL and Oracle for database collection.

As technology demanded more jobs to implement coding in its practices, the need for coding will be even greater in the future.


Improve Your Learning In Other Knowledge

Other than boosting your career prospects, learning how to code can improve cognitive ability that will make you learn other subject areas better. The ability to code boosts our memory, problem-solving skills and creativity. This is because learning how to code helps you learn to break down problems into individual steps in order to create a program. While doing so, you will develop a resilient mindset through frustrations on approaching problems that is necessary in grasping any subject topics. Learning how to code will foster an effective and productive mindset towards solving issues in a new perspective. In turn, you will be able to learn any new knowledge that you take on in your personal and professional life.


How to Learn How to Code

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Written by Chintia Sembiring Meliala