Public Speaking for Beginners

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Public Speaking is often said to be the number one fear of most people. What people fail to understand is that this fear is easily overcome. All it takes is a few simple techniques and strategies. These sessions will help you overcome nervousness, get rid of the butterflies, stop the shaky hands, and eliminate the sweaty palms. They will help you feel as comfortable presenting to a group as you are talking to a friend in the office. Explore how to gain the power and confidence of an excellent communicator and public speaker, identify and understand your own fears and find practical ways to overcome them, become calm and confident, eliminate performance anxiety, understand your internal state and your unconscious mind, gain and maintain empowering beliefs and prepare for your speech/presentation. Students need to attend 75% of the course to be eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement on the final day.




Class Schedule

Course CodeDayStart DateEnd DateTimeLocation
211SPEAAThuMar 11thMar 18th9:00am - 4:00pmMonash University Clayton
211SPEABThuApr 8thApr 15th9:00am - 4:00pmMonash University Clayton
211SPEACMonMay 10thMay 17th9:00am - 4:00pmMonash University Clayton
211SPEADTueJun 8thJun 15th9:00am - 4:00pmMonash University Clayton

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MSA Rewards$189.00
Full Fee$202.00

Lisa-Jane Bell

With a career span of 20 years covering Design, Production, Training, Facilitating and Styling, Lisa- Jane has a relaxed yet professional approach to public speaking.

Throughout her career LJ has presented to large groups on various design related topics, assisted speakers and speech makers at large scale special events and weddings, managed production meetings of up to 50 people at a time and regularly trains groups of students in various businesses and educational institutions.

Having recently overcome her fear of public speaking Lisa-Jane feels real empathy and has patience with her students. LJ has a bag of tricks and a few fantastic techniques to help students overcome their fears too.

Lisa-Jane values varied learning styles and takes enormous pride in producing interesting workshop style courses. Her passion is ensuring students learn about the topic at hand and see the world a bit differently in the process.

2 x 6.5 hour sessions = 13 hours

Computer, Smartphone or Tablet with camera and microphone. Notepad and pen.