Before you enrol:

      • Ensure you have your ID available if you are applying for Government Funding and email it to
      • Ensure you have your Concession Card available if applying for a Concession rate and email it to
      • Send any required documentation if you are applying for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) or email us on if you have questions.
      • Sign up for DocuSign for free ( to complete this enrolment form.
      • This enrolment form has mandatory fields which are red, and will remain red once filled.
      • Ensure you click “Finish” after the last page of the enrolment form for it to be sent to our Enrolment Officer.
      • After the Enrolment Officer has signed off on your enrolment form, you will receive an email with the completed document. If you do not wish to receive this you can change your settings in DocuSign.
      • This is a secured document through DocuSign. If left unattended for an extended period of time, the form will log you out.
      • Attachments are limited at a max of 5mb.
      • A confirmation phone call or email will be sent by our Enrolment Officer to confirm your enrolment into your selected course to detail the next steps.
      • Please read the Privacy Notice, Enrolment Declarations and USI Terms here:

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