Qualifications and courses available for corporate groups

This qualification reflects the roles of entry-level vocational education and training (VET) teachers, trainers and assessors who are delivering training services to vocational learners and assessment services to candidates.

The roles may be undertaken by those working in registered training organisations (RTOs), enterprises, community organisations, schools and other VET provision contexts.

  • Supersedes and is equivalent to TAE40116 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

The BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is a highly sought after qualification for individuals working as developing and emerging leaders and managers.

This course will teach people how to take on responsibility as an individual as well as provide leadership and guidance to support others. They will learn how to apply solutions to a defined range of problems and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources while monitoring the output of their team.

Examples of indicative job roles for candidates seeking entry based upon their vocational experience include:

  • Coordinator
  • Leading Hand
  • Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Office Manager

The BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management is a highly sought after qualification designed to develop your leadership skills to management level. This course will assist you to develop initiative and judgement in planning, organising, and monitoring employee’s workloads as well as your own.

You will learn to communicate and support individuals and teams to meet organisational or enterprise requirements and strategies, as well as identify, analyse and synthesise from a variety of sources and transfer this knowledge to others.


The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care address the skills and knowledge required to provide care for individual and groups of children.

This course reflects the role of workers in a range of early childhood education settings who work with the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the National Quality Standard. They support the implementation of an approved learning framework, and support children’s wellbeing, learning and development. Depending on the setting, educators may work under direct supervision or autonomously.

This qualification qualifies you to work in out-of-school hours care.

Students will gain experience throughout the course including a work placement component of a minimum 160 hours in a licensed and registered early childhood service.


MSA Training and Professional Development have teamed up with some of our local Childcare centres to create a course structure that will give you the best skills possible to start or further your career in the Childhood Education sector.

The Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care address the skills and knowledge required to provide care for groups and individual children.

This course reflects the role of early childhood educators who are responsible for designing and implementing curriculum in early childhood education and care services. In doing so they work to implement an approved learning framework within the requirements of the Education and Care Services national Regulations and the National Quality Standard.  They may have responsibility for supervision of volunteers or other staff in a range of childcare facilities as an Early Childhood Educator.

This qualification qualifies you to work in out of school hours care.

Students will gain experience throughout the course including a work placement component of a minimum 300 hours in a licensed and registered early childhood service.

People with a disability are encouraged to apply

This course has been developed with industry consultants to ensure our students are gaining valuable and real-world knowledge and experiences.

This qualification reflects the role of workers in a range of education settings, including public and independent schools and community education settings, who provide assistance and support to teachers and students under broad-based supervision.

Possible job roles relevant to this qualification include:
• Education Support Worker/Officer
• Teacher’s Aide
• Integration Aide
• Learning Support Officer
• Education Assistant
• Language and Literacy Worker
• Tutor/Home Tutor

The FNS40222 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping, reflects the job roles of workers in the accounting industry. This is including BAS Agents and contract bookkeepers; and employees performing bookkeeping tasks for organisations in a range of industries. It includes preparing and lodging business and instalment activity statements. Providing advice or dealing with the Commissioner on behalf of a taxpayer in relation to activity statements. Individuals in these roles apply theoretical and specialist knowledge and skills to work autonomously, and exercise judgement in completing routine and non-routine activities.

Learn to serve alcohol in a responsible manner in compliance with relevant liquor legislation. The course explains the problems associated with excessive alcohol consumption and provides strategies to refuse service and prevent problems before they occur. Accredited by Liquor Licensing Victoria, participants receive a manual and certificate upon successful completion. Please allow up to 4 weeks for the certificate to be posted.

This course covers the principles of basic food safety and their implementation in the workplace. Suitable for all food handlers in the hospitality industry, the course covers cleaning and sanitising, food handling, temperature control, personal hygiene, pest control and waste disposal. This course is nationally recognised and satisfies the requirements from the unit of competency SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety from the Hospitality Training Package. Upon successful completion students will be issued a Statement of Attainment for this unit. This course is ideal for those seeking work in the hospitality industry.

Our Auslan courses can be structured and developed within your preferences – the sessions are developed by our trainer, Terence, who is a passionate and knowledgeable trainer. Terence is part of the deaf community so courses are taught in the real world of those who are deaf or have hearing impairments.

Terence has developed multiple courses ranging from introductory to advanced sessions as well as industry/sector specific such as Auslan for educators.

Auslan is an amazing and valuable life-long skill to have, contact our team to start your Auslan journey today!

Employer Incentives

As an employer of an Australian Apprentice, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Australian Government to help with hiring, training and retaining an apprentice. 

From 1 July 2022, the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System (Incentives System) supports a more inclusive and sustainable economy, ensuring Australians receive quality training while in paid employment.

The objective of the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program is to contribute a highly skilled and relevant Australian workforce that supports economic sustainability and competitiveness.


Employer Payments Available

Priority Wage Subsidy:

The Priority Wage Subsidy provides up to 3 years of assistance to employers. This is a wage subsidy for employers of Australian Apprentices training towards an occupation listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List at a Certificate level III or above. 

You may be eligible to receive:

10% of your apprentice wages paid to you for the first 24 months (up to $1500 per quarter)

5% of your apprentice wages paid to you for the third 12-month period (up to $750 per quarter)


Hiring Incentive:

If you are not eligible for the Priority Wage Subsidy, you may be eligible to receive the Hiring Incentive.

A one-off payment made after 6 and 12 months of employing an apprentice.

  • $1750 for full time apprentices 
  • $875 for part time apprentices


Disability Australian Apprentice Wage Support (DAAWS):

DAAWS is a weekly payment to employers who employ apprentices with disability.

You can receive $104.30 each week for:

  • 12 months if the individual has a long term or permanent disability
  • The length of the temporary disability



Employer Incentives

Group training success!

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Our recent group at RAAF has successfully completed the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Trainer and Assessor, Jenni Miles, delivered a specific program designed to suit the needs of our RAAF clients!

A big congratulations to this group on doing such an amazing job in this course!

November 2022.

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What we do

We understand that a broad ‘off the shelf’ course might not be suitable for your staff. At MSATPD, we have several qualifications on our scope of registration, along with a number of short courses which can be adapted to meet your needs.

We customise our courses to be in line with your requirements, preferences and terminology. Our trainers can come to your location where your staff are all together and in familiar surroundings, which will help them focus on their course work. Classes are also available to be held on Zoom, this can ensure a safe and healthy learning environment and the option for those who may live a bit too far away to join in. Should you prefer to come on campus, we have a number of facilities available to meet the needs of your group and course-work.

Regardless of where the course is held, your staff will receive the best learning experience possible.

We have over 40 highly skilled and professional trainers available who are available to train in a wide variety of subjects and at a suitable location. Our trainers listen to the needs of your staff to assess where their gaps are and work together and build up their skills and knowledge. MSATPD trainers are passionate about sharing their skills and knowledge and dedicated to helping your staff learn and grow within your organisation.

Some courses may be available as a Workplace Based Traineeship – this means, as an employer, your organisation may be entitled to financial incentives. If this is something of interest, please fill out the below form for a quote or contact the office on (03) 9905 3180 or msa-monashtraining@monash.edu.

Past corporate group training

We have successfully trained staff in a variety of industries and sectors, including:


  • Airports and Air Traffic Controllers
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Casino/gaming facilities
  • City Councils
  • Correctional Centres
  • Early childhood education and care
  • Emergency services – Paramedics and Call Centres
  • Home Builders
  • Secondary Colleges – Staff and Students
  • Student Unions
  • TAFE and RTO
  • Taxi Companies
  • Universities – Staff and students
  • Waste Management