TAE Support Session have been set up with our experienced and supportive trainers to assist our students with completing their assessments. These sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 students a session, to ensure plenty of one-on-one time with the trainer.

MSA Training and Professional Development actively works alongside students to ensure they feel support throughout their studies. Through attending our free support sessions, students are given the opportunity to bring their work and ask questions, seek advice, receive feedback and chat to a trainer about any queries or concerns.

If you’re currently enrolled in a TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification with us and would like to attend a support session, please email msa-monastraining@monash.edu with your name, phone number, current course code and units, along with your preference in support session date/s. One of our staff members will be in contact shortly upon receiving your email.

Please note, students may enrol in a maximum of two support sessions. If you require further help, please contact the MSA Training and Professional Development office.

TAE40116 Support Sessions Dates

Semester 1

  • 221SUPPGZ Tuesday 6.30-9pm 10 May Zoom
  • 221SUPPHZ Thursday 6.30-9pm 26 May Zoom
  • 221SUPPIZ Wednesday 6.30-9pm 15 June Zoom
  • 221SUPPJZ Wednesday 6.30-9pm 29 June Zoom

Semester 2

  • 222SUPPAZ Wednesday 6.30-9pm 13 July
  • 222SUPPBZ Thursday 6.30-9pm 28 July
  • 222SUPPCZ Monday 6.30-9pm 15 August
  • 222SUPPDZ Wednesday 6.30-9pm 31 August
  • 222SUPPEZ Wednesday 6.30-9pm 14 September
  • 222SUPPFZ Thursday 6.30-9pm 29 September
  • 222SUPPGZ Monday 6.30-9pm 10 October
  • 222SUPPHZ Tuesday 6.30-9pm 25 October
  • 222SUPPIZ Wednesday 6.30-9pm 9 November
  • 222SUPPJZ Thursday 6.30-9pm 24 November
  • 222SUPPKZ Monday 6.30-9pm 12 December

Please contact the office on msa-monashtraining@monash.edu or 9905 3180 if you would like to book in.

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