Course Syllabus

What You Will Learn
Select appropriate training package or accredited course
Analyse and interpret the qualifications framework
Analyse and interpret units of competency and accredited modules
Contextualise units and models for client applications
Analyse and interpret assessment guidance

What You Will Learn
Define parameters of the learning program
Working with the VET policy framework
Develop program content
Design structure of the learning program

What You Will Learn
Interpret learning environment and delivery requirements
Prepare session plans
Prepare resources for delivery
Deliver and facilitate training sessions
Support and monitor learning

What You Will Learn
Prepare a presentation
Deliver a presentation
Review the presentation

What You Will Learn
Establish effective work environment for learning
Develop a work-based learning pathway
Establish the learning-facilitation relationship
Implement work-based learning pathway
Maintain and develop the learning/facilitation relationship
Close and evaluate the learning/facilitation relationship
Monitor and review the effectiveness of the work-based learning pathway

What You Will Learn
Analyse LLN requirements
Select and use resources and strategies to address LLN skill requirements
Use specialist LLN support where required
Evaluate effectiveness of learning support and assessment strategies in addressing LLN requirements

What You Will Learn
Determine assessment approach
Prepare the assessment plan
Develop assessment instructions

What You Will Learn
Prepare for assessment
Gather quality evidence
Support the candidate
Make the assessment decision
Record and report the assessment decision
Review the assessment process

What You Will Learn
Prepare for validation
Contribute to validation process
Contribute to validation outcomes

What You Will Learn
Determine the focus of the assessment tool
Design the assessment tool
Develop the assessment tool
Review and trial the assessment tool