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Why Leadership Skills are Important

Why Leadership Skills are Important

Why Leadership Skills are Important

Leadership skills are being increasingly sought after by employers due to their transferability and benefit to both work culture and output. While these skills are essential for anyone in a management position, they are also important for anyone who wants to stand out in their workplace as someone who is willing to learn and upskill.


What does it mean?

According to leading employment website Indeed, these skills include effective communication, patience and the ability to work in and build a team. Employment website Seek also lists critical thinking, problem solving and the ability to prioritise and delegate tasks as key leadership skills. Most importantly, leadership means being able to work with and motivate others to achieve goals.

Traditionally, leadership skills were only viewed as necessary for those working in management positions. However, leadership skills are now valued across the board in modern workplaces. Many of the skills listed above are transferable for a range of tasks. Whether it’s leading a project or engaging with colleagues and external stakeholders, skills such as communication, problem solving and team building are critical attributes for success.


What are the benefits?

Possessing transferable leadership skills is a great way to make you stand out in your workplace or when applying for new positions. Employers looking to fill management and leadership positions will be searching for candidates with demonstrable and transferable capabilities. Being able to highlight situations in which you have communicated and worked well with others is a key way to demonstrate your leadership potential and willingness to upskill to a new position.

Outside the workplace, the ability to be a good leader can also be of great value. Good leaders are able to exercise emotional intelligence effectively, benefitting their relationships with others through improved communication and understanding.


How to develop leadership skills

Monash Student Association Training and Professional Development offers several courses designed to develop leadership skills. The Certificate IV in Leadership and Management is a highly sought after qualification for individuals working as developing and emerging leaders and managers. The course will teach you how to take on responsibility as an individual as well as provide leadership and guidance to support others. It is a great entry point for anyone seeking to develop transferable leadership skills.

The Diploma of Leadership and Management is designed to develop your established skills to management level. The course will assist you to develop initiative and judgement in planning, organising, and monitoring employee’s workloads as well as your own. This course is ideal for anyone seeking to upskill to a position of leadership in the workplace.