Auslan Advanced

Auslan Advanced

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Auslan Advanced

Auslan Advanced (Australian Sign Language) is a visual-gestural language. It is not based on English grammatical system but has its own grammar. Auslan is the native language of many deaf people and the primary language of many others who have learned it later in life. It is a part of the cultural of the Deaf community and is recognised as a community language. The trainer is a member of Deaf community and the class will be taught in the real world of Deaf people at intermediate level.

This Auslan Advanced course is a follow on from the Beginners & Intermediate courses and will focus on conversation with other students along with;

  • Travelling to School or Work
  • Talking about Immediate Family
  • Talking about Siblings
  • Talking about Extended Family
  • Talking about Family Variations
  • Commenting on Family Members

Students need to attend 75% of the course to be eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement on the final day.


Auslan Signbank is a language resources site for Auslan (Australian Sign Language)

Auslan Dictionary – Apple Store

Auslan Dictionary – Google Play Store


In line with Victoria’s Roadmap and Monash University requirements, all students who attend our campus will be required to have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Please do not enrol for an on-campus class unless you have been double vaccinated prior to the start of the course. You will be required to show proof of vaccination prior to attending the course.

Course Fees

Fees are inclusive of all materials.

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Depending on your individual circumstances, this course may be tax deductible.

Full Fee $330.00
Concession $313.50
MSA+ $297.00

Terence Childs

Terence is a highly experienced Auslan trainer with over 40 year’s experience and is heavily involved in the Deaf Community.


Mim Stewart

An experienced teacher and facilitator and the mother of three women, Mim is passionate about human rights. In alignment to Auslan, she is inclusive and respectful and embraces equal rights for all. She makes sure everyone can be involved and provides a fun and engaging introduction to Auslan.

She is approachable, people focused and caring. Mim also works as a tutor, for hearing parents of Deaf babies and has a passion for access to communication.

Mim grew up and lives in Melbourne, with her youngest daughter and old dog, Autumn.

232AUSLADVA Wednesday 6pm-8pm 25 October – 13 December 2023

Notepad and pen.