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AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) is a visual-gestural language. It is not based on English grammatical system but has its own grammar. AUSLAN is the native language of many deaf people and the primary language of many others who have learned it later in life. It is a part of the cultural of the Deaf community and is recognised as a community language. The trainer is a member of Deaf community and the class will be taught in the real world of Deaf people at intermediate level.

This course is a follow on from the Beginners & Intermediate courses and will focus on conversation with other students along with;

  • Travelling to School or Work
  • Talking about Immediate Family
  • Talking about Siblings
  • Talking about Extended Family
  • Talking about Family Variations
  • Commenting on Family Members

Students need to attend 75% of the course to be eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement on the final day.


Our face to face classes have moved onto Zoom during lockdown and will go back to face to face when safe to do so. Please contact us on if you have any questions.

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Please note, when required during lockdowns, our Face to Face courses will be moved to Zoom. Please ensure you have a suitable computer set up to be able to move online if required.